State of Origin 2017 Teams, Tickets, Schedule and final updates

State of Origin is a best of three series of Australian Rugby Football that will be held in Australia between two states. This is the 37th Annual event which will be hosted in the country between Queensland and New South Wales.Since the game is an annual event there are a lot of changes that are seen from the last game.  The live stream coverage of State of Origin Game 1 will be available on Fox network.

A new team is on the cards for the states and the players are being finalized by the owners. It is a tough competition for all the players and is also a moment of pride to play for the state you live in. The New South Wales Blues and Queensland Maroons will see many changes in the list of players from the last series as new talent will be displayed in the current season.

The hype and fever of the event

There is a long queue for the tickets to the games at the stadiums and at the websites as well. Why wouldn’t there be? After all, it is one of the happening events that people look forward to. All the tickets of the first lot have been sold and the stadium is expected to see a full house on the first day of the event.

This is the reason that the best and the biggest stadium is chosen for the premier night of the game. The schedule of the game is out and the first game will start on 31st Many 2017 at 8 PM local Australian Time. The game will be played in Brisbane at the Suncorp Stadium. The final updates will be rolled out soon as the fans are eagerly waiting for it.

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Watch Live

You can catch the live game on Nine Network websites as they are the official partners of the series. You can catch the game on any of their channels. This year the game will also be streamed live on one of the most popular websites in social networking – Facebook. It is going to be a great blend of social animals and football fans on one common platform. You can also enjoy the game on various stream channels. However, the channels are yet to be decided and the news will be out soon. So, stay tuned for more updates on the State of Origins. There are many ways that one can watch the series. What is the best medium? That depends on one;s choice.

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Queensland vs New South Wales Game 1 Schedule and streams

State of Origin is the annual series of Australian Rugby football. This is the 37th series in line and which is played between the Queensland and New South Wales states. It is a best of three series game and is going to start on 31st May 2017 at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane. The first game will have a lot of zeal and energy as the fans will be all eager to see their favorite players. 

Since the match will be played after a yearlong break, the stadium is expected to go house full and is one of the biggest stadiums in Australia. You can buy a ticket in advance to be safe from all the tickets being sold off. As people have been eagerly waiting for this event, there is no reason for the tickets to be available for all.

Possible options to watch Online

Get ready to watch Queensland (QLD) vs New South Wales (NSW) live online on Nine network and youtube channel. Alternatively, you can also watch the game online with the Nine Network. They are the official partners for the game and all the sites under their banner can be used for the live updates of the game. You can also look at the other websites that host sports events as they would also be in the queue to get some mileage from the State of Origins. The schedule of the first game is expected to start at 8 PM Australian Time on 31st May 2017. The popular social networking website called Facebook will also host the games live for their viewers. This is an excellent blend for the fans and the social animals to meet on one common platform.

Queensland vs New South Wales Stream Links

Watch State of Origin Online here

You may also enjoy the game on television. However, the schedule is not yet declared, so the channels that will air the game live is still under discussion. But the news will be out soon, and you will be able to enjoy your favorite series on all the platforms. There is a lot of talks around the town for the first game and for the fans who are going to watch it live at the stadium may also be lucky to enjoy the after party of the game with their favorite players. But you will need to plan all this in advance so that you are not disappointed in the end.

Better planning is always the key to a smooth event. Don’t delay for this too. Enjoy watching the game with family and friends.
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How to watch State of Origin 2017 Live Online in Australia

Football is a favorite sport of people across the globe, and there is no denying the fact. State of Origin is a football series held in Australia and people are crazy about it. It is an annual event which happens between the two states of Queensland and New South Wales. This is the 37th Year when the two states will play against each other and find a new winner for the 37th Time. You can watch the Holden State of Origin live through the official website of Fox and NRL.

Everyone is excited, and the same thrill continues. As we are in the jet age, we would need to watch the game while on the go on our handsets and laptops. This can be very much possible as the game will be hosted on all the leading websites that host such series.

State of Origin 2017 live stream

Live Stream in Australia

As the game is held live in Australia, you may watch it at the stadium with your favorite players in action to show some massive skills. It is going to be an exciting match with all the zing as online the game will be hosted. You need to ensure that your internet package is all up to date so that you do not face any kind of hiccups at the end moment. Get a good internet connection to stop data buffering and enjoy the game live.

Watch State of Origin 2017 Live Stream in Australia here.

You may also wait for the news to be out for the schedule of the television channels so that you may watch it on your big screen if not online. With the advent of technology, it is easy to find many avenues to enjoy your favorite game in any possible way. Stay tuned on 31st May 2017 to kick start the first game that people have been waiting for.

Official Sponsors

The State of Origin game is officially sponsored by Nine Network for the media rights, and you can enjoy the game on any of its websites under its brand. Apart from them, you can also watch on your favorite website as you please. This year the most popular social media site – Facebook will also host the games via live streaming on their website. This will lure more avid fans who are stuck with the social networking site. It is an excellent way to multitask both while you chat with your friends about the details of the game and the predictions of the winners. Let’s keep the fingers crossed. 
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State of Origin 2017 live stream channels

State of Origin 2017 is about to start, and everyone is super excited about it. For those who do not know, State of Origins is a Rugby Football Match held in Australia between two states and hence the name. The states are Queensland Maroons and The New South Wales Blues.

It is an annual event, and the fans are all eagerly waiting for it to start. The game will commence on 31st May 2017, and people are just crazy to watch who will win the series this season. It is the 37th Year for the series, and it will be played in the usual best of three series.

State of Origin live online

Stream channels to watch the series

Streaming of all these series will be done exclusively on Nine Networks as they are the official partners for the game. This means that you can watch the games live on any of the channels associated under their bandwagon. Apart from Nine Networks, the famous social networking website Facebook will also stream the games and make the most of it. You can also watch the games on the TV channels, but the telecast details are not out yet. Stay tuned to find out the channels that you can catch your favorite match on and enjoy the series to the core.

How to watch State of Origin 2017 online?

Just follow the links here to watch State of Origin live streaming HD free from any parts of the world.

Link: TBA

The First game details

The first game will start at 8 PM Australia Time, and the fans can log in to the available websites and channels. You can also watch the game live at the stadium if you desire. The first game will be hosted at the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane. But the tickets online on the official website of the state of origins or at the stadium itself.There are many packages designed for the avid fans so that they can enjoy the game as well as post-match fun with your favorite players.


The ticket prices are soaring high, and you can watch the game which you like the most at the stadium. Streaming on HD channels is also an excellent idea for you to be enjoying every detail clearly. State of Origin game has been one of the most awaited series of all for football fans, and it is coming on 31st May 2017. With so much in the pipeline, it is definite that the event will be grand with pomp and affair.

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